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Are you faced with the challenging prospect of planning a funeral for a loved one? If so, get in touch with J Lawrence & Sons and let us assist you with the arrangements. We’re a family-run business established for nearly 150 years and have helped thousands of individuals say goodbye to friends and family members. Find out more by speaking directly with our professional funeral directors. Call 023 8055 4801 now to discuss cremations services Eastleigh residents will find to be most tasteful.

Affordable Cremation Services in Eastleigh

It’s never an easy task handling the funeral arrangements of a friend or family member. In such traumatic times, it is often the last thing you want to be doing, yet it is a necessary process to ensure that your loved one is appropriately honoured. Fortunately, J Lawrence & Sons have been in the business for a century and a half making us the best choice for cremation services Eastleigh has to offer.

From arranging cremations for all faiths and denominations to organising flowers, donations and transportation; we take care of everything. We honour the wishes of the departed as well as those of the family to plan Eastleigh cremation services that make for a fitting tribute. To find out more about how we can make all this possible, continue reading or give us a call.

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Cremation Services Eastleigh Residents Will Find to be Most Suitable

At J Lawrence & Sons, we understand that everyone needs to grieve in their own time, so rest assured that when you’re ready to discuss the funeral arrangements; we’re here to help. We provide tailored cremation services in Eastleigh, which start with an initial consultation. This consultation can take place at any location that is convenient for you, whether at home or at the chapel or church.

You’ll be asked to make several decisions, such as whether a chapel or church service is to be held and whether this will be a religious or non-religious ceremony. We’ll then proceed to discuss with you the following:

  • Music Requirements
  • Obituary Notices
  • Flowers and Donations
  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Options for the Cremated Remains

We will ask the client to specify a choice of location when arranging any cremation services. Eastleigh has three crematoriums available, and, of course, you’re free to spread your loved one’s ashes at a place of your choice.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Funerals can be expensive, and it can be frustrating not being able to afford to give your loved one an appropriate send-off. Our prepaid funeral plans can help with this as they offer the best in value and complete flexibility. As an Independent Funeral Director, we offer Golden Charter Funeral Plans. Such a plan takes care of financing Eastleigh cremation services.

These plans provide an easy way of planning and organising any and all cremation services. Eastleigh families will be left free from financial worries and safe in the knowledge that everything will be carried out in accordance with the deceased’s final wishes.

To find out more about our prepaid funeral plans or our cremation services, Eastleigh customers need only call us now on 023 8055 4801.

Why Choose Our Eastleigh Cremation Services?

Founded in 1870, J Lawrence & Sons are one of the oldest and still independently owned family businesses operating in the local area. For the last four generations, our family has assisted customers in making those final arrangements. We understand just how difficult this time can be, and so you can rest assured that we’ll treat your circumstances with the utmost sensitivity.

We’ve been involved with the planning of funerals and cremation services in Eastleigh for many years, and it shows. Customers who’ve come to us for help in the past have gone on to recommend our services to others. We strive to do our very best for the families that we serve to help guide them through what is otherwise, a very difficult time.

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