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Have you recently lost a loved one and are now, in line with their wishes, enquiring about cremation services? Southampton families have entrusted this final act to J Lawrence & Sons for the last 150 years. We can assist you with all the arrangements, helping ease the burden and allowing you time to properly grieve. Say goodbye to your loved one the right way and honour their life in the most fitting way possible. Call us on 023 8055 4801 to find out more.

Affordable Cremation Services in Southampton

Losing a family member or friend is sadly a reality we all must face at one stage or another. It’s never easy, and the circumstances of a person’s death can make the experience especially traumatic. The last thing you likely want to be doing is researching cremation services. Southampton residents, we at J Lawrence & Sons are here to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible.

Over the last century and a half, we’ve arranged for residents in Southampton cremation services for all faiths and denominations. And we can take care of all the planning too, from organising floral tributes to donations and transportation. We honour the wishes of the deceased and work closely with their immediate family to provide a sense of closure. By saying goodbye the right way, you can find your own peace as you cherish those fond memories that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Cremation Services Southampton Residents Have Entrusted for 150 Years

Here at J Lawrence & Sons, we’re here whenever you’re ready to reach out and inquire about cremation services in Southampton. You can come to our office to discuss the requirements, or we can come to you, whichever is easier. Our discussion will centre on what’s needed for the ceremony to occur, for instance, whether it’ll take place at the chapel or in a church. We’ll also establish whether the service is to be religious or non-religious.

You’ll be required to make several key decisions; this is just the start of our cremation services, Southampton customers. Rest assured, that beyond this point, we’ll take care of everything on your behalf. Just let us know what’s needed and leave the rest to us. Key decisions will include:

  • Music Requirements
  • Obituary Notices
  • Flowers and Donations
  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Options for Cremated Remains

Once we have the information we require, we’ll proceed with getting every arranged in line with our Southampton cremation services.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Funerals can be expensive; there’s no doubt about that. If you’re worried about your family dealing with your loss on top of an expensive funeral bill, consider one of our prepaid funeral plans. In cooperation with Golden Charter Funeral Plans, we can provide prepaid funeral plans that offer excellent value for money and are very flexible. A plan can be tailored to your requirements, leaving behind specific instructions ensuring every last detail is carried out in line with your wishes.

And a plan provides a means of relieving your loved ones of any financial concerns they might have, as it’ll cover the cost of any cremation services. Southampton residents who wish to find out more should waste no time calling J Lawrence & Sons today.

Why Choose Our Southampton Cremation Services?

Established in 1870, J Lawrence & Sons is a family-run, independently owned business and one of the oldest still in existence in the local area. For the last century and a half, we’ve helped thousands of people say goodbye to friends and family members. If you’re dealing with a recent loss, we can help ease the burden, providing burial and cremation services, Southampton residents, that serve as a fitting send-off.

We recognise how difficult this time can be; we’ll handle your request with the utmost sensitivity, ensuring you and everyone else involved finds much-needed peace and comfort. Whether you wish to handle some or all of the arrangements yourself or leave everything to us, rest assured we’ll honour your wishes. If you do decide to leave everything to us, we’ll ensure every last detail is as you specify, making ours the most accommodating cremation services in Southampton.

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If you’re enquiring about cremation services, Southampton residents need only call J Lawrence & Sons on 023 8055 4801.