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Have you experienced a loss in the family and you need to find a funeral parlour in Bitterne that can take care of the arrangements during this emotionally charged time? You can rest assured as J Lawrence & Sons are here to help you with straightforward and sensitive services that will take the stress of planning away from you. You can get in touch with us now on 02380 554 801 to discuss your requirements further.

Welcome to Our Funeral Parlour, Bitterne Residents

We know that nothing about this process is easy, but as soon as you feel ready to start discussing the required arrangements, our Bitterne funeral parlour has its doors open for you. Our funeral directors specialise in offering tailored arrangements that will honour the life of your loved one respectfully and memorably.

There are multiple decisions that need to made about the funeral arrangements and we understand that these are very personal, varying greatly from person to person and family to family. Our long-established funeral parlour in Bitterne has many different services and options available to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

J Lawrence & Sons are always ready to have a consultation with you where we’ll go over everything that needs to be arranged. We’d be happy to meet you at our funeral parlour, Bitterne residents, or come to your home address – whichever’s more convenient for you.

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Our Reputed Bitterne Funeral Parlour

When you arrive at the premises – or we arrive at yours – the J Lawrence & Sons team will start going through the options step by step. The first decision that needs to be made is between a burial or a cremation.

Religion can play a part in this decision, of course, as burials are seen by some people as a more permanent traditional resting place. On the other hand, a cremation may give more options of where the remains are finally placed or scattered as some people choose to leave instructions for this.

The service can be held in a church beforehand or – if a religious service isn’t appropriate – our funeral parlour in Bitterne can arrange for it to be held at one of the chapels instead. Hymns can be sung but recorded music can also be played.

Our funeral parlour, Bitterne customers, has long-established contacts with the British Humanist Association and several recommended independent speakers as well, so if you’d like the service to feature a non-religious speaker, let us know, so we can get in touch with the best people for the job.

Our Partnership with Golden Charter and Their Prepaid Funeral Plans

J Lawrence & Sons is a funeral parlour in Bitterne that’s proud to offer Golden Charter Funeral Plans. There are many providers of these types of plans available in the UK but our funeral directors feel that Golden Charter offers the best value and flexibility.

These plans provide an easy way of planning and organising any and all cremation services. Eastleigh families will be left free from financial worries and safe in the knowledge that everything will be carried out in accordance with the deceased’s final wishes.

To find out more about our prepaid funeral plans or our cremation services, Eastleigh customers need only call us now on 023 8055 4801.

Reasons to Choose J Lawrence & Sons from Bitterne Funeral Parlours

J Lawrence & Sons was established all the way back in 1870 and our funeral directors have served the local area ever since. This actually makes us the oldest independently owned family business in Hampshire, so you can rely on our professionalism and expertise.

Like our family before us, we take great pride in what we do as funeral directors. We strive to do the very best for the families that we serve in the area. We know how difficult this time is for a person, so we’ll always handle your services with great empathy and class, ensuring that you won’t get overwhelmed.

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As soon as you’re ready, you can reach out to our funeral parlour in Bitterne by calling 02380 554 801, e-mailing or filling in our contact form online. We will get back to you shortly to arrange for a suitable time and place for our meeting.