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If you’ve recently suffered a loss and are now charged with making the necessary funeral arrangements, J Lawrence & Sons are here to lend a helping hand. We provide much-needed assistance, from registering the death to making the preparations and ensuring the ceremony is conducted correctly. In these difficult times, we act as a source of relief, helping to ease the burden leaving you more time to process your grief. If you wish to find out more, call our funeral parlour in Eling on 023 8055 4801. 

Welcome to Our Family-Run Funeral Parlour, Eling Residents 

It can be a hugely upsetting time in anyone’s life, but it is largely inevitable that at some stage, we’ll must all deal with losing a loved one. If you are now responsible for making funeral arrangements and don’t know where to begin, the team at J Lawrence & Sons are here to help. We’ll help you plan a fitting and personal service that serves to honour the memory of the deceased in a way that feels right. Simply visit our funeral parlour in Eling to begin the process. 

Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to come to our Eling funeral parlour, we can come to you whenever you’re ready. If a prepaid funeral plan already exists, this will contain instructions for us to follow. We’ll see that the plan is carried out, so you have nothing to worry about. If no plan exists, we’ll need to ask you some questions, and the information you provide will help us make the appropriate arrangements. 

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What Will Be Discussed When You Visit Our Funeral Parlour in Eling? 

At J Lawrence & Sons, we provide various funeral services, and these must be tailored to the deceased. Such services provided by our funeral parlour, Eling residents, include: 

  • Coffins and Caskets 
  • Cremation and Burial Services 
  • Funeral Flowers 
  • Memorial Services 
  • Death Registration 
  • Music and Obituary Options 

If you opt for a burial, we’ll discuss whether you wish for your loved one to be buried in a coffin or casket. We’ll be happy to discuss the differences and show you the available options. Conversely, if you choose cremation services, we’ll show you our range of urns, should you decide to take the remains home with you. Otherwise, these can be interred in a family grave or spread in our crematorium garden or in a location of your choosing. 

For burial services, our funeral parlour in Eling can arrange for the body to be interred in a family grave or buried in one of three main cemeteries with which we have close ties. A suitable memorial service will be planned and will be either religious or non-religious, depending on your preferences. This will also determine what type of music is played and whether hymns or non-religious pieces are to be spoken. 

Our Eling funeral parlour can also be called on to take care of other considerations, such as arranging flowers and requesting obituaries to be posted. And, of course, we help with registering the death too. 

Don’t worry about hastening the process; take all the time you need. We’ll make sure nothing is forgotten about or left to chance. You can trust that when the day comes, everything will be just the way you want it; a fitting tribute to someone near and dear to you. To make a start, get in touch with our funeral parlour in Eling now. 

Why Choose Our Eling Funeral Parlour? 

J Lawrence & Sons is currently owned and run by John and Chris Lawrence, and the business has remained a family affair stretching back 150 years. For the last century and a half, we’ve helped thousands of residents throughout the local area say goodbye to their loved ones. Chris and John bring a combined 60 years of experience to the table. So, you can feel confident when visiting our funeral parlour in Eling. 

We’re one of Southampton’s oldest, still independently owned family-run businesses, a fact for which we’re immensely proud. When you visit our funeral parlour, Eling residents, you can trust that we’ll always conduct ourselves with compassion, empathy, and discretion. Your loved one will be shown the respect and decency they so rightly deserve. We’re here to make this difficult time easier for you, providing the support you need while you work through your grief. 

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If you would like to get in touch with our funeral parlour in Eling, call J Lawrence & Sons today on 023 8055 4801. We’re here to help.