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If you’ve recently suffered a loss and are now responsible for planning the funeral, this isn’t a responsibility you must shoulder alone. Here at J Lawrence & Sons, we’ve helped thousands of grieving families since our founding in 1870. We’re one of the longest established independent businesses in Southampton. Our funeral directors provide a bespoke service, ensuring your loved one gets the send-off they deserve.  

Arranging a funeral can be a difficult ordeal, so why not let our professional funeral directors take care of things for you. To request our assistance, get in touch with our funeral parlour in Southampton by calling 023 8055 4801. 

Funeral Directors in Southampton  

Loss is a sad reality of life and one that we all must deal with eventually. Whether it’s the loss of a friend, parent, sibling, partner, child, etc., it’s never an easy thing to contend with. There’s also the added responsibility of registering the death and planning the funeral. This can prove too much for some, especially while contending with grief too. That’s where J Lawrence & Sons steps in. We’re local funeral directors serving clients throughout Southampton and the wider Hampshire area.  

You don’t need to struggle alone by yourself as we’re here to assist you in any way we can. If the deceased has a funeral plan in place, we’ll ensure that their wishes are enacted to the letter of the plan. If no plan exists, we’ll arrange a convenient time for us to have a chat, so we can discuss what needs to be arranged. We only need your input as our funeral directors will take care of all the heavy lifting on your behalf. 

Funeral Services Southampton

Our experienced funeral directors have been arranging funeral services for clients throughout Southampton and beyond for more than 150 years. We understand how stressful the situation can be, especially as most don’t realise just how much work goes into arranging a funeral. We’ve such an in-depth knowledge of the process that, for us, the process is entirely effortless. All we need from you is the important details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We strive to arrange funeral services that befit the memory of the deceased. You want to be sure you’re saying goodbye the right way, and that’s where we come in. We offer a range of services, so you won’t be darting backwards and forwards between different service providers. And we coordinate everything, ensuring the funeral goes off without a hitch. In the end, you’ll be free to sit back, process your grief, and, when the time comes, say goodbye safe in the knowledge that everything else is in hand.

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Funeral Arrangements   

When it comes to making funeral arrangements, there’s a lot to consider, and it can be overwhelming, especially while grieving. Yet each stage is as important as the last as it all comes together, constituting the final send-off. For everything to be just so, we need some crucial details that only you can provide. When you feel ready to meet with us to discuss the funeral arrangements, get in touch.

You can come to us to discuss the details at our funeral parlour, or we can come to you; the choice is yours. During our conversation, we’ll discuss various considerations, including:

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Choice of Coffin or Casket (if applicable)
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Memorial Services
  • Religious or Non-Religious Service

Coffins and Caskets   

If you’ve chosen a burial service, you’ll need to choose either a coffin or casket in which to bury the deceased. At J Lawrence & Sons, we stock a variety of coffins and caskets with options to suit any budget. A common question that we usually hear is, “What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?”. A coffin is wider at the shoulders and usually tapered at the head and feet.

Caskets are a more modern variant and are usually rectangular. Caskets are typically made from more expensive materials to a higher standard. Rest assured, however, that the coffins we stock are an excellent choice, so don’t feel like you need to opt for a casket. If you have any questions, reach out to our Southampton funeral directors at any time.

Burial Services  

Burial services are commonplace and preferable to many people as they leave behind a permanent resting place – somewhere to visit to lay flowers or sit in quiet reflection. If you’ve opted for a funeral that ends with a burial, you should note that not all services are the same. Burial services are reflective of the deceased’s own views. For instance, a service may be religious, or it may not be. It may be traditional or less so. 

If a plan exists, this will usually provide details on how the burial service should be arranged. If not, we’ll need your input as the person who knew the deceased best. You’ll need to decide whether the funeral service takes place in a church or chapel, whether hymns are sung, or recorded music is played, whether a religious speaker leads the service or someone else entirely. You’ll also need to choose the final resting place. 

We work with the main council-owned cemeteries, including St. Mary Extra in Millbrook, Hollybrook in South Stoneham, and Southampton Old. We can also arrange for the burial to take place in one of the surrounding boroughs if preferred. 

Funeral Flowers  

Throughout history, flowers have long been associated with loss and funerals, but this is yet another area where no two situations are necessarily alike. For example, during a Buddhist funeral, it’s inappropriate to display red flowers. Once again, if a plan exists, this will cover funeral flowers. Otherwise, we’ll require your input. At J Lawrence & Sons, we can arrange for a wide assortment of funeral flowers to be made available, including: 

  • Carnations  
  • Chrysanthemums  
  • Lilies  
  • Orchids  
  • Roses  

We can make available various floral arrangements, from baskets and wreaths to standing and casket sprays. Half-casket sprays can be created for open-casket viewings, along with garlands and casket inserts. We can also provide options for the venue itself as well as the vehicle in which the casket or coffin will be transported. 

If you’d prefer to use a different florist, we only ask that the flowers be delivered two hours before the funeral begins. This way, our funeral directors can ensure no delays. 

Memorial Services  

Memorial services traditionally follow on from the funeral service and are a way for family members, friends, and colleagues to come together and remember the deceased. Such occasions can be a challenge to plan and costly too, especially if the service is to be catered. Arrangements for a memorial service may already exist if a plan is available. If not, we’ll work something out with you, ensuring that a memorial service is planned that suitably honours the deceased’s memory. 

Our funeral directors in Southampton will work closely with you to ascertain what’s needed for the upcoming service. This can include music requirements, catering, venue hire, even floral arrangements. Whatever you decide, our funeral directors will provide a bespoke service, ensuring that the memorial service maintains the excellent standards set by the funeral. 

Why Choose Us?

It’s never easy losing a loved one, and during a time where you wish to be left to process your grief, it can be frustrating having to deal with funeral arrangements. While some choose to shoulder the burden alone, we never recommend this course of action. It’s also best to reach out to a team of professional funeral directors, as they have far more experience dealing with such matters. This is especially true of J Lawrence & Sons.

Founded in 1870, we’re a family-run business, and one of the oldest independently run businesses in Southampton. Currently led by Chris and John Lawrence, who’ve been involved with the business since leaving school, we’re committed to providing top-quality funeral services. It’s our belief that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to give your loved ones a proper send-off; you can read more about how we make funerals more affordable below.

Chris and John bring a combined 60+ years of experience to the table, so you can trust that any funeral arrangements are in safe and capable hands. As funeral directors go, we’re confident you won’t find a more compassionate, personable service than ours. We treat you with respect, demonstrating empathy at a time when you’re most in need. Any funeral arrangements will be taken care of with discretion, and we’ll always remain sensitive to your needs.

Do you Need an Undertaker for a Funeral?

While there’s no obligation whatsoever to enlist a funeral director, it’s always advised. Consider that losing a loved one is a traumatic experience. Consider also just how much planning goes into arranging a funeral. It’s a stressful endeavour at the best of times, further compounded by the grief you’re no doubt experiencing. The last thing you want is for the funeral to fall far short of the mark. This is your last chance to say goodbye, so you’ll want to make it count.

That’s where J Lawrence & Sons comes in. We ensure that every last detail is accounted for, and we coordinate everything in accordance with either your wishes or those of the deceased. We take over the stress of making the arrangements, leaving you free to process your grief either alone or with friends and family members. And when everything is in place, we’ll deliver a funeral service that suitably honours the memory of the deceased.

What Happens in a Funeral Parlour?

After death, the body of the deceased is brought to the funeral parlour, where it is bathed and disinfected. This might sound callous, but it is done for our safety as well as the comfort of those attending the funeral. Next, the body is prepared in accordance with your wishes and those of the deceased. This includes embalming, refrigerated storage (for cremations), preparation for green burials, etc.

Restoration services may be required in the event of a traumatic death, especially if a viewing has been specified. Clothing is also arranged along with jewellery or other mementoes, as allowed by the person’s religion. If the body is to be viewed, other cosmetic details will be added; for instance, the hair might be styled. This lets friends and family members view the departed as they were when they are alive, making the viewing far less traumatic.

Registering a Death 

The death must also be registered, and this is something the bereaved often don’t want to deal with, which is understandable. Registering a death is very final and can be a difficult concept for the bereaved to accept. Our funeral directors can be contacted night or day to assist and answer any questions you may have.  

If a person dies in hospital, we recommend getting in touch with our funeral directors as we’ll liaise with the relevant hospital department on your behalf. If the death occurs at Southampton General Hospital, the Bereavement Care Department team at Victoria House will arrange a suitable time for you to collect the necessary documentation to register the death. 

In the event a person passes away in a nursing or care home, the staff will typically contact us to arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care. This only occurs once a doctor or qualified nursing professional has verified the death. The necessary certificate will be available to collect either from the home or the doctor’s surgery. Make sure to advise the nursing or care home staff if any friends or family members wish to pay their respects, and they’ll advise us accordingly. 

If you have any other questions concerning the process of registering a death, click on the respective page or get in touch with  J Lawrence & Sons. 

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Southampton  

It’s no secret that arranging a funeral can be a very costly endeavour. The last thing you want is to leave your loved ones with the exorbitant costs that often arise when making such arrangements. That’s why we at J Lawrence & Sons have partnered with Golden Charter Funeral Plans. 

Golden Charter Funeral Plans arrange bespoke pre-paid plans that offer a convenient way to achieve two goals in one. First, you can arrange your own funeral, specifying every last detail, saving your family or friends the responsibility of planning the funeral after you’re gone. Second, you can pay off the plan in convenient instalments so that when the time comes, your family and friends won’t have to spend a penny. 


Take a look at our funeral gallery, as this gives Southampton locals an insight into J Lawrence & Sons and how our funeral parlour has evolved over the years. 


When planning the funeral of a loved one, you want to be certain they are receiving a fitting send-off. Read through the testimonials on our homepage to find out more about how we’ve helped other grieving families. 

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If you’re looking to make funeral arrangements and are concerned as to where to begin, reach out to the funeral directors at J Lawrence & Sons today. We’ve over 150 years of experience consoling the bereaved, providing a range of services with the purpose of supporting family members during their time of need. We recognise that this is a difficult time, so we invite you to reach out whenever you’re ready. Simply call us on 023 8055 4801. 

You can also get in contact with our Southampton funeral directors by emailing or filling out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.