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Are you in charge of making funeral service arrangements? Southampton residents in need of a helping hand should give J Lawrence & Sons a call today on 023 8055 4801. We’re here to help, from registering the death to making the necessary preparations to ensure the deceased get the proper send-off they deserve. Our goal is to help ease the burden, giving you and your family the time to grieve properly. To find out more, get in touch now.

Here to Assist with Funeral Service Arrangements in Southampton 

At J Lawrence & Sons, we’ve been helping friends and families say goodbye for the last 150 years. We recognise just how difficult it can be making funeral service arrangements, especially for someone very close to your heart. For help making said arrangements, come to our funeral parlour or provide us with a suitable time to come to your home. We’ll discuss the details with you and take care of everything on your behalf. If a prepaid funeral plan exists, we will ensure the plan is carried out in line with the deceased’s wishes.

For a century and a half, we’ve helped countless families throughout Southampton. Funeral service arrangements are something we have a great deal of experience with. You can find out a little more about what we do below or by calling our parlour.

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The Best Option for Funeral Service Arrangements Southampton Has to Offer

If a prepaid funeral plan exists, this will likely already outline everything we need to know. If one does not exist, we’ll need to discuss a few things with you before making the necessary funeral service arrangements in Southampton. First, we’ll need to know if this is to be a religious or non-religious ceremony. This is important as it’ll impact the choice of venue (church or chapel), who leads the ceremony, and the music selection.

We work alongside the British Humanist Association Celebrants and many independent speakers who can be made available to lead non-religious ceremonies. We also have a catalogue of music to choose from should hymns be unsuitable.

Equally as important is the decision of how the deceased will be laid to rest. You can choose to have them buried in a family grave or one of the main council-owned cemeteries. Conversely, you can choose a cremation service over a burial service. The cremated remains can be interred in a family grave, spread over a location of your choosing, held in an urn, or spread in our crematorium garden. Whatever you decide, we’ll make the necessary funeral service arrangements, Southampton residents.

Other choices we’ll need your help with to aid us in making the required Southampton funeral service arrangements include:

This might seem like a lot to get through, so we advise you to take your time; there’s no rush to get this done. Once we have what we need, we’ll set about making the funeral service arrangements, Southampton residents.

Why Come to Us for Southampton Funeral Service Arrangements? 

J Lawrence & Sons are a family-owned business and have been since the business was founded 150 years ago. Today, the company is run by John and Chris Lawrence, who bring a combined 60 years of experience to the table. You can always feel confident when visiting our funeral parlour, knowing you’re in capable hands. We’re knowledgeable enough to assist with all funeral service arrangements, Southampton residents, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Not only can we help with funeral service arrangements in Southampton, but we’ve partnered with Golden Charter Funeral Plans to provide the means to plan ahead. If you’d rather your loved ones didn’t have to plan and fund your funeral, you can take control with a fully personalised plan. Your plan will outline what you want the arrangements to be and provide you with a means to pay for the costs in instalments. Upon your death, we’ll carry out the plan in accordance with your wishes.

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If you need help with funeral service arrangements, Southampton residents need only call J Lawrence & Sons on 023 8055 4801. If you’d like to put in place a prepaid funeral plan, you can also call. Alternatively, you can email with any queries or fill out our online contact form.