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When a loved one passes away, the grieving process can be painful, so when it comes to the funeral service, you need all the help you can get. Thankfully, here at J Lawrence & Sonswe can take care of the arrangements, ensuring that your loved one is given the send-off they deserve. From flowers and music requirements to donations and funeral vehicles, Southampton residents will not have to worry about a thing. For more information about how we can help, give us a call on 02380 554 801.

Choose From Our Southampton Funeral Vehicles

There are many elements that go into planning a funeral and transport is one of the most important aspects of it. Here at J Lawrence & Sons, we offer a range of funeral vehicles in Southampton, giving residents a lot of choice. The options available include a limousine and a traditional classic Daimler limo. We can also provide a modern Jaguar hearse.

When considering the best funeral vehicles, Southampton residents, you should be aware of their capacity. Each limousine that we use can seat up to seven mourners but if you have a large group, we can hire additional limousines for you.

In terms of the travel itself, if you choose one or multiple limousines as your Southampton funeral vehicles, you will be transported to and from the service venue. However, if you would prefer to use your own cars after the service, then by all means, let us know.

It is entirely up to you whether you choose to meet the hearse at the service venue or follow it there. You can choose whether the hearse is driven from our premises, your own home or the home of the deceased. Our list of funeral vehicles in Southampton also includes a horse-drawn hearse, so let us know if you would prefer this option instead.

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What Else Can We Help You With?

During the grieving process, it can be easy to forget certain aspects of the funeral arranging process. Our friendly professionals at J Lawrence & Sons can alleviate some of the stress by taking care of the finer details. As well as the funeral vehicles, Southampton residents, we can help with the following:

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Church Service or Chapel
  • Religious or Non-Religious Service
  • Music Requirements
  • Flowers
  • Donations, and More

We can also arrange an obituary notice on request as well as help you choose a suitable coffin. There are many other aspects to consider but the most important thing is making sure that all of your requirements are met. Whether you need our Southampton funeral vehicles or particular flowers ordered, we can take care of it.

Why Let Us Help With Funeral Vehicles, Southampton Residents?

When enlisting the services of a funeral home, one of the main aspects you need to consider is the staff. Here at J Lawrence & Sons, we are a family-run business that takes a personable approach. Every one of us is sensitive to the grief that you, your family and friends are feeling at this time. So, we will take care of all the arrangements, including the funeral vehicles in Southampton, without putting you under any stress.

Our business has been in operation for more than 147 years, so you can trust that we are capable of tailoring a service to your specific requests, whatever they may be.

The most important thing is to honour your loved one in a respectful and personal way. From securing a venue for the service to arranging the funeral vehicles, Southampton residents can rest assured that we have it covered.

We are well-aware that funerals can be expensive, so you may be eligible for financial assistance. If you have any questions regarding this aspect, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If you specifically want to discuss funeral vehicles, Southampton residents can get all their answers from our staff.

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