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If a loved one has recently passed away and you’ve been charged with making the funeral arrangements, get in touch with our Southampton funeral home. Here at J Lawrence & Sons, we’ve been helping to plan funerals for over 150 years. We have a history of helping families and friends say goodbye to loved ones the right way. We’ll help you organise a funeral that helps honour the memory of the deceased. When you’re ready, call us on 02380 554 801.

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Losing a loved one is never an easy thing to deal with, and you’ll no doubt need time to process your grief. When you’re ready to begin looking into funeral arrangements, understand that you’re not alone, J Lawrence & Sons are here to help. We have over 150 years’ experience planning funerals and will ensure every last detail is correct. With the help of our Southampton funeral home, you’ll have less to worry about as you can be sure we have everything in hand.

For more than half a century, our funeral home in Southampton has helped countless individuals throughout the local area get the closure they need. When saying goodbye to someone, you want to make sure you give them an appropriate send-off. We work with you to understand the sort of person the deceased was and use this information to make the necessary arrangements.

And if a prepaid funeral plan exists, we can help by executing the plan in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

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For Funeral Arrangements, Call Our Southampton Funeral Home 

Planning a funeral can be a daunting experience. You’re already contending with your grief, and now you must make decisions concerning an event of huge significance. It’s easy to get lost and be unsure as to what’s the best steps to take. Make life easier by turning to our funeral home, Southampton residents. You can come to us, or we can come to you, whichever is easier. If a plan exists, we’ll discuss this with you and set about carrying it out on your behalf. 

If no plan exists, we’ll discuss certain specifics with you, and you’ll need to make decisions for our Southampton funeral home to act on. These decisions relate to: 

  • Burial or Cremation  
  • Coffins and Caskets  
  • Flower Arrangements 
  • Music Requirements  
  • Obituary Notices  
  • Religious or Non-Religious Service 
  • Service in a Church or a Chapel  

You can also elect to use your own florist though we require that all funeral flowers be delivered to the church or chapel two hours before the memorial is due to begin. This is so we can get set up in time, ensuring no delays. 

Memorial Services

Easily one of the most important parts, the memorial service is where everyone gathers in the church or chapel to say their final goodbyes. A religious service is typically carried out in a church and led by a minister or someone of the faith. When consulting with our Southampton funeral home, you can choose from a wide range of hymns that will be sung through the service. 

We also have excellent links with independent speakers as well as celebrants from the British Humanist Association if you’re planning a non-religious service. Non-religious services are usually carried out in our chapel, and we have an excellent catalogue of songs that can be played throughout. 

A eulogy will often be given, and this can be read by a family member, close friend, or whoever is leading the service. 

Prepaid Plans 

The prospect of planning a funeral can be overwhelming enough, and that’s before you have to contend with the financial cost. It can be heartbreaking when money limits your capabilities to give your loved one the send-off they deserve.  The good news is that our Southampton funeral home has partnered with Golden Charter Funeral Plans, so you can take care of your own funeral arrangements for when the time comes. 

Prepaid funeral plans provide an easy way to plan and organise your own funeral arrangements, such as whether you wish to be buried or cremated. They can be tailored to your exact requirements, such as your floral or musical preferences. And each plan can be paid for through manageable instalments. When the time comes, the plan can be executed, freeing your family and friends of any financial worry. For more information, contact our Southampton funeral home. 

Why Should You Choose Our Funeral Home in Southampton? 

Established in 1870, J Lawrence & Sons have been helping residents achieve closure for over 150 years. We’re a Southampton funeral home with a proud reputation and are one of the oldest and still independently owned family businesses in the local area. We’re led by John and Chris Lawrence, who have both been involved with the family business since leaving school. Together, they bring more than six decades of experience to the table. 

As their family did before them, John and Chris strive to do their very best to provide families with the closure they seek. Dealing with a loss can be a very traumatic experience, which is why we recommend you turn to our funeral home in Southampton. We can help, from arranging a funeral to registering a death. 

If you would like to reach out during this difficult time to discuss matters in more detail, get in touch with our Southampton funeral home using the details below. 

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