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Do you want to give your loved one the send-off they deserve? Here at J Lawrence & Sons, we are a family-run funeral home that can arrange a heartfelt service. Our undertakers in Maybush can take care of all the arrangements, adhering to your specific requests. We want to make sure that you and your fellow mourners can say goodbye in the right way. For more information, call 023 8055 4801.

Our Maybush Undertaker Will Arrange a Compassionate Service

If you are looking for undertakers, Maybush residents should turn to J Lawrence & Sons as we are experts in providing the perfect send-off. We know that when a loved one passes away, those close to them are under emotional turmoil and stress. While mourning the life of a person you care about, the last thing you want to do is plan funeral arrangements.

In these instances, there is nothing wrong with looking for a helping hand. Our undertakers in Maybush create a tailored service that is full of love and care. Every family or individual that contacts us to make funeral arrangements, we organise a service that includes their requirements. We want your loved one to be celebrated, so we will have a discussion about the information you would like included in the service.

There are multiple aspects that you will need to consider when you speak to our Maybush undertakers. We know that it can be overwhelming, so we aim to make the process as comfortable and as easy for you as possible. The decisions that you need to make include the following:

  • Burial or cremation
  • Church or chapel service
  • Religious or non-religious
  • Music choices
  • Obituary notices
  • Flowers
  • Vehicle requirements
  • And more

Our undertakers, Maybush residents, will talk through everything with you, and there will be no pressure to make a quick decision. As well as the above, we will discuss your choice of coffin and where you would like the cremated remains to rest if you choose cremation over a burial.

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    We Offer Prepaid Funeral Plans

    Not only are you dealing with the pain and heartache of losing a loved one, but you will have to decide on how to pay for a funeral. There are many funeral plan providers available, but here at J Lawrence & Sons, our undertakers in Maybush offer flexible prepaid funeral plans. Our independent family business provides Golden Charter Funeral Plans.

    If you select this option from our Maybush undertakers, then you will be able to arrange a funeral that is tailored to your exact requirements without the financial burden. During this difficult time, having an option to ease the financial woe will be hugely beneficial. Feel free to ask us how to proceed with this plan.

    Why Our Undertakers, Maybush Residents, Are Here to Help

    For almost 150 years, J Lawrence & Sons have been in place to help people arrange funerals for their loved ones. Not only do we organise the service, but we can also help with registering a death. If you are looking for undertakers in Maybush that will treat your loved one with the greatest of respect, then we are the right option for you.

    In Southampton, we are regarded as one of the oldest independently-owned family businesses, and because of this, we guarantee that we are understanding in your time of grief. John and Chris Lawrence became part of the business after leaving school, and they have since amassed more than 60 years of experience between them. You will struggle to find other undertakers in Maybush that possess the same personable approach as ours.

    Our business has gone through four generations of the same family, and this will continue through Chris’s sons Benji, Alfie and Nathaniel, as well as John’s son Harry. Our undertakers in Maybush take great pride in the service that we provide, as we want to make the process comfortable for you when paying tribute to your loved one.

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    If you would like to learn more about how our undertakers in Maybush can help with funeral arrangements, give us a call on 023 8055 4801. Alternatively, contact us by filling out our online form or by sending an email to jlawrenceundertakers@btconnect.com.