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Have you recently lost a loved one and are responsible for making funeral arrangements? If so, J Lawrence & Sons are here to help as we’ve helped arrange funerals in Bitterne Park for the last 150 years. We’re here to make the whole process as stress-free as possible, so you have plenty of time to grieve, safe in the knowledge the deceased’s memory will be suitably honoured. To find out more, call us on 02380 554 801. 

Our Funerals Bitterne Park Professionals – Always Here to Help! 

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the situation can be further complicated by the responsibility of planning the funeral and managing the cost. This can exacerbate a person’s grief further, making the whole ordeal incredibly stressful. With 150 years’ experience planning funerals in Bitterne Park and beyond, J Lawrence & Sons are here to take over the heavy lifting, leaving you time to mourn the passing of your friend or family member. 

All we need from you are a few crucial details, and we’ll take care of the arrangements for you. Alternatively, if you’re considering the future and how your death will impact your family or friends, you may wish to consider one of our prepaid funeral plans. Residents in Bitterne Park, funerals arranged in advance might seem a little morbid, but by making plans now, you can save your friends and family so much stress later on. 

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Arranging Funerals in Bitterne Park for a Century and a Half 

Funerals, Bitterne Park residents, are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sort of affair. Everyone has their preferences and ideas on what would be a fitting tribute for the deceased. And, of course, the wishes of the deceased should always come first. So that we can tailor the ceremony accordingly, we’ll arrange a time to meet with you; when you’re ready, let us know if you’d like to meet at our office or at your home. 

When planning funerals in Bitterne Park, we’ll need some important details, such as whether the ceremony is to be religious or non-religious. You’ll also need to provide us with some information concerning other choices for the ceremony, such as: 

The last choice is very important as it’ll determine whether the deceased is laid to rest or cremated. We’ll discuss with you the various options for where the body can be buried or what can happen with the ashes. We have connections with local cemeteries, or you can opt for a family grave if one is available. For cremated remains, these can be scattered in the Crematorium Garden of Rest or a place of your choosing. We also have a wide range of urns available should you wish to keep the ashes close. 

As part of our Bitterne Park funerals service, we will retain the remains at our premises for as long as required. This will allow you to speak with the family before making a final decision. Of course, if a prepaid plan exists, the wishes of the deceased will be carried out in accordance with the plan. 

Golden Charter Funeral Plans 

Paying for a funeral can be very costly, which is why we’ve partnered with Golden Charter Funeral Plans to offer affordable, flexible prepaid funeral plans. You can set up a plan at any time and start making financial contributions to cover the cost of your funeral. You can also stipulate any requirements that’ll help us make the final funeral arrangements. Upon your death, your plan can be quickly and easily carried out. Your family will not have to do a thing and will be free of any financial burden. 

If you’d like to find out more about our plans or how we help with planning funerals, Bitterne Park residents need only call J Lawrence & Sons. 

Proud to Provide Bitterne Park Funerals That Offer a Respectful Send-Off for the Deceased 

Planning funerals, Bitterne Park residents, is never easy, and so you’ll want to entrust this crucial final act to an undertaker with 150 years of experience. We’re Southampton’s oldest, independently-owned business and boast a reputation of which we’re immensely proud of. Saying goodbye is never easy, but we’ve helped thousands of individuals say goodbye to loved ones over the years. 

We’ll always handle your request with the utmost discretion and sensitivity, and you’ll never be pressured into moving at a pace that you’re unhappy with. Our family-led team is here to make the transition as painless as possible. We’ll make the arrangements, so you can give your loved one a send-off that honours their memory and provides you and others with the closure they so desperately need. 

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