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If you’re looking to make funeral arrangements and need help with the process, the undertakers in Totton at J Lawrence & Sons are here to help. Now entering our 151st year of service, we have a long and proven history of helping families say goodbye to their loved ones. We’ll ensure the deceased receives a fitting send-off that honours their memory the right way. No matter your requirements, we’ll ensure they are fulfilled. To find out more, call us now on 02380 554 801. 

The Most Professional Undertakers Totton Has to Offer 

When a death occurs in the family, it’s never an easy time. Everyone must contend with their grief, and for some, it can be an overwhelming experience. We all handle grief differently and never quite know how until we’re faced with the reality of losing someone. If you’re responsible for overseeing funeral arrangements, you have the added responsibility which can exacerbate the way you’re already feeling. Fortunately, you can always count on our undertakers in Totton to help during this difficult time. 

Our Totton undertakers have been helping give families closure for the last century and a half. We’ve become well-known throughout the local area for the high-quality, tastefully planned ceremonies we help coordinate. Whatever it takes to give your loved one a fitting tribute, rest assured that our funeral directors will make it happen. 

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For Funeral Arrangements, Speak to Our Undertakers in Totton 

We recognise that, to begin with, planning a funeral is the last thing on your mind. When you’re ready to talk about it; just start by giving us a call. We can come to you, or you can come to us, whichever works best for you. This will begin the planning process during which you’ll be introduced to the various factors which must be considered and planned for. Don’t worry; you’ll be well-taken care of by our undertakers, Totton residents. 

If a prepaid funeral plan already exists, this initial conversation will be somewhat shortened. This is because plans left by the deceased usually outline any arrangements made prior to their death. If no plan exists, you’ll be required to make decisions concerning the following: 

  • Burial or Cremation  
  • Coffins and Caskets  
  • Flower Arrangements 
  • Music Requirements  
  • Obituary Notices  
  • Religious or Non-Religious Service 
  • Service in a Church or a Chapel  


Individuals often prefer burials as they provide a permanent resting place for the deceased. However, some dislike the idea, so it’s important to note whether the deceased would’ve been happy with a burial. When choosing this option, our undertakers in Totton will present the option to have the remains interred in a family grave. If one doesn’t exist, you’ll have a choice of several cemeteries in the Southampton area. 

These are Hollybrook, located in South Stoneham; St. Mary Extra, located in Millbrook; and Southampton Old. Burial services can take different forms, so feel free to talk to our Totton undertakers, who will be happy to advise you. 



Some prefer the sense of finality that comes from cremation and the freedom to be “laid” to rest in almost any location. Cremation is also often a personal and religious choice, so it’s important to note if this applies to the deceased. Some people leave specific instructions of where they’d like their ashes to be spread. This is usually a place of significance that hold many fond memories for the deceased. 

If no specific place has been designated, our undertakers in Totton can arrange for the ashes to be scattered in the crematorium garden or interred in a family grave if one exists. Alternatively, we carry a range of decorative urns if you wish to take the ashes home with you. 


Coffins and Caskets 

There is a difference between coffins and caskets, so let’s first address this. Coffins are usually tapered at the head and foot while wide at the shoulders. Conversely, caskets are rectangular in shape. Caskets are usually made from more premium-quality materials and crafted to higher standard. As such, they usually cost a lot more. Our undertakers in Totton will talk you through the various options available and help you choose the right one for the situation. 


Flower Arrangements 

Flower arrangements play a huge role in any funeral ceremony. Floral tributes symbolise life in contrast to death as well as new beginnings. They serve to bring colour and joy to what is, otherwise, a dark time for all. Many feel their spirit lifted simply by having a splash of colour and scent of freshly picked flowers. The gesture of sending flowers has existed for thousands of years and is commonly considered an acceptable expression of sympathy. 

Our undertakers in Totton will handle any flower arrangements per your request. Maybe the deceased had a favourite colour or flower. We can create an assortment of decorative floral arrangements that feature one particular flower or an assortment. Such arrangements we can offer include: 

  • Wreaths 
  • Baskets 
  • Casket Sprays 
  • Standing Sprays 
  • Half-Casket Sprays (preferred for open casket services) 
  • Garland or Casket Inserts (alternative to half-casket sprays) 

We have a catalogue of funeral flowers for you to choose from, or you can work with an outside florist if you prefer. Our undertakers in Totton only ask that the arrangements be delivered at least two hours before the service starts. 


Memorial Services 

Memorial services are a tradition that’s seen as a way for those in attendance to come together for emotional support and say goodbye to the dearly departed. Such services provide closure and can be either religious or non-religious in nature. Typically, a eulogy is given by a close friend or family member, and others can get up and speak if they so choose to. Our undertakers in Totton can arrange for a service to be held at either a church or chapel. 

Religion plays a huge factor in the planning of memorial services. For religion services, hymns can be selected. The ceremony itself is led by a religious speaker who will direct proceedings, ensuring the service goes off without a hitch. 

For non-religious services, we can provide recorded music from our wide-ranging catalogue, which you’ll get to see beforehand. If such a service is required, our undertakers in Totton will arrange for the ceremony to be led by a non-religious speaker. We’ve built up valuable connections with independent speakers as well as celebrants from the British Humanist Association. 

Why Choose Our Totton Undertakers? 

Founded back in 1870, J Lawrence & Sons is now entering its 151st year. For over a century and a half, we’ve worked with families to provide them with much-needed closure. Losing a loved one is never easy, which is what makes the dedicated, sensitive funeral services provided by our undertakers in Totton that much more valuable. We’re led by directors John and Chris Lawrence, who’ve been involved with the family business since leaving school. 

They bring more than 60 years of combined experience to the table, along with an unmatched pride for what they do. From funeral arrangements to registering a death, we help with the details, ensuring you’re never overwhelmed. You’re always welcome to get in touch if you have any queries. 

And if you require the assistance of a team of professional, compassionate undertakers, Totton residents now know who to call. Get in touch using the details below. 

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If you’re looking to plan a funeral, you’ll want to get in touch with our undertakers. Totton families need only call J Lawrence & Sons on 02380 554 801. For general enquiries, you can also email us at jlawrenceundertakers@btconnect.com or get in touch by filling in our online contact form.